Thursday, June 5, 2014

The All New Gypset Market

If you LOVE Slink...

this one is for you!
We are happy to join in the celebration Gypset Markets New Location!

We've placed Studded flip flops for slink flat feet in 8 color choices.. specially priced at only 75L.

This Sky design can only be found during the month of June @

No additional group tag is needed. Hope to see you at Gypset!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fashion Art Fair

Has just opened its gates at May 9th and will go on till May 31st.
The Topic of the Fair is “When Fashion Meets Art!”
The Designers who have signed up to participate in the Fair were challenged to create exclusive pieces that are inspired by their favorite artists. It didn't really matter if the artists work was falling into the following categories : Sculptures, Installations, Design, Drawing, Painting, Conceptual Art.
It also was not of importance which Art Style we choose as inspiration, like : Renaissance, Cubist, Post Modern, Pop Art, Impressionism … and the list goes on and on.
So Sky was challenged to find an artist, who she likes which was not easy and in the end we really picked no artist, because you get your inspiration from many places, many different people and in the end it is a mix of everything that has inspired you before and the things that may inspire you at the moment. Art is something that is in constantly change, the same goes for our inspiration. It changes with everything we see, everything we experience, which leads us to the issue that Sky was facing. She couldn't name 1 artist or even decide at 1 to be her inspiration, instead of that … she did it her way.
Sky took what she liked the most… patterns … colors … and used that as her inspiration. The result of that influences can be seen at the Fashion Art Fair and I just want to give you all a small glimpse of what awaits you there.
Movin' Up:

This is the first exclusive piece that Sky was working on. As I wrote before, patterns are very important for Sky and you can quite well see how the influences of patterns has fused with the overall design of that outfit. Speaking of patterns, one of the reasons why we are able to have so many colorful prints and patterns on our clothes it because of specific revolution that took place around 1900 … the industrial revolution. It was the first time that patterns could be produced at a cheap price and in a very productive way … something which artist used as well to print their art, or even have the printed image as pattern be the artwork itself.
Tapestry Garden:

A quite similar type of design compared to Movin' Up, but at the same time unique enough to stand out on its own. The organic floral pattern stands in big difference to the very geometrical pattern from the first attire. It gives the basic design a complete different feel to it, the flowers make you feel as if you are in a garden and it is freshing up the complete design.

Live Your Dreams
Live Your Dreams, on the other side is not so much about the past, it is rather a much more personal idea behind it. It is about the fact that we all have dreams and just take Sky for example, the owner and main designer of the store. She loves to create, she loves patterns, she loves colors and uses all that to create art for you. Because at some point, the blank texture of fabric is for a designer, like what a canvas is for a painter. A place to let their dreams, imaginations become a reality.
Also it is not about us, it is about YOU, the customer … You are the reason why we are doing this. Its one of our dreams to make you all happy with the clothing that is created by Sky.
And now a little bit of little me, to show off some color variations from the Exclusive Outfits you can get at the Fashion Art Fair.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday Newness and Bargains @ Sky

Thursday Bargains and New Releases at Sky. We've added 3 color palettes to the popular My Way Outfit. Also new today Wild and Chained Tops and Sultry Leather pant separates. Your Thursday Bargains.. Scarf tops in 6 color choices only 55L each. Barefootin romper 3 colors + 1 Sky Group color Via hud all included for 100L.
Enjoy! <3 Sky

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Releases for Fifty5 Linden thursdays!

Pretty Summer scarf tops.

Barefootin' Romper.  included 3 colors via hud 100L

Monday, April 28, 2014

New Releases for Fitfy5 Linden Thursdays!

New release for Fifty5 Linden Thursdays:
COLOR ME FABULOUS.  Included: 3 colors via HUD +1 Exclusive group member color 55L   Sale officially starts 5/1

"THIS IS WHY  I'M HOT" Ankle Boots. Includes 4 textures - 2 black textured and smooth leather, 2 white - both textured and smooth leather.

                                                                         Sky Main Store

Friday, April 25, 2014

Stay Beautiful Gaucho and Crop top

                        It's time to show you the Very pretty outfit for our Sixty Linden Weekend!

"Stay Beautiful Outfit"You have a choice of three gorgeous colors for 60L each! That is a steal, do not  miss out!
 Sky Main Store

Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 24th Fifty5 Linden Thursday Values!

 Do not miss out on Sky's Fifty5 Linden Thursday bargains from Thurs. April 24th thru Sunday April 28th.

  My Way OUtfit Heirloom Plum: 3 Shirt, skirt,legging and two belt awesome color options Via HUd. 100L  Sky Main Store

     Livin' It Up Romper ~ All three colors included Via HUd only 55L!  Sky Main Store